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Two brothers had a choice: Continue playing classical music with their instruments, or use their skills to play the fastest, fiercest, and most entertaining music they could. They chose wisely and surrounded themselves with three equally crazy musicians on guitar, bass and drums. Get a taste of addictive saxophone hooks and epic cello lines in fast Metal songs. This is Dekadenza. This is Epic Groove Metal.


Dekadenza is metal band from Berlin founded in 2021 by the two classically trained brothers Raphy and Adry. In 2022, Cosmo joined on drums and Aurelien on bass guitar.

The group bends the metal genre by replacing the lead and rhythm guitars of the classical metal line-up with an electronic saxophone and a distorted cello. Influenced by bands like Apocalyptica, Rammstein, and Pantera, their music has been described as a mix of industrial- and groove-metal with a touch of punk. In addition, the unique sound falls within the scope of modern metal bands such as Ghost, Alestorm and Amaranthe.

Through their name, music, and image they represent the dark side of their hometown Berlin and musically process the problems of our digital age and the common feeling of an upcoming decline of our civilisation. The Trademarks of Dekadenza are a dissenting voice, unusual instruments, forceful riffs, and a unique sense of humor that keeps them sane.

The Band works with different Bands all across the Metal Genre. Recently, Singer & Cellist Raphy worked with Arch Enemy on their Song ‘Poisoned Arrow’ on their new Album ‘Deceivers.’ Their first EP DEKADENZA will be released on September 13th, 2022. The Band has announced a follow-up EP for 2023.



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